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This bid has been awarded to DSM Geodata Limited.

The Regulator seeks a proponent that can provide data entry services relating to fluid analyses from oil and natural gas wells.

Download Data Entry Project - Fluid Analyses from Oil and Natural Gas Wells Description


The British Columbia Oil and Gas Regulator maintains a database of fluid sample analyses from oil and natural gas wells throughout the province. Many records submitted in hardcopy format (pre-2015) still require database entry. The Regulator seeks a proponent that can provide data entry services.

The Regulator has a library of PDF files (often scans of physical documents) representing fluid analysis results. The analyses come in 4 types: gas, oil, hydrocarbon liquids, or water.

Table 1: Records Requiring Database Entry (Approximate)

Types of records

Number of records

Number of Data Fields/Record

Gas / Hydrocarbon Liquids









Analyses are associated with a specific well, identified by the “WA number” (Well Authorization). The PDF files are organized in a series of folders within folders, based on the associated WA number. The goal of the project is to enter various data items from the PDFs into our IRIS database.

The successful candidate will, with the support of the Regulator, be required to enter a minimum of 4,250 fluid analysis records prior to March 31, 2023.

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about this posting, please email

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    • I cannot say exactly without viewing every single pdf, however in the attached ZIP file I have included every variation (usually dependant on lab) that I could find when opening dozens of files. As you can see, regardless of the lab/variant, the layouts are fairly similar but have some differences. Here’s a summary
      • Gas Analyses ~8 variations
      • HCL Analyses ~5 variations
      • Oil Analyses ~6 variations
      • Water Analyses ~ 6 variations

    • Nearly all of them have no handwriting, however there are rare cases where font has been crossed out by hand and corrected in hand writing

    • IRIS cannot accept these file types. Applicants are expected to manually type the data into existing data entry screens. This entry method utilizes some simple business rules that will assist quality control.

    • This is a full stand-alone project with the March 31/23 deadline for 4250 records, and not an evaluation period. Further record entry may be a separate project in the future depending on budgeting.

    • We are able to give multiple IRIS accounts without limits (within reason).

Off Site

a)Your server speed The successful applicant is expected to manually type into data screens and we do not expect server speed will have an impact on the work.

Ideally this would be a great idea, however IRIS access grants access to large amounts of confidential information and thus only the successful applicant can be granted access.