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This RFI seeks to elicit support and guidance on building the Regulator’s capability and process for developing effective data narratives.

Download RFI21423001 BCOGC Data Visualization Description


The BC Energy Regulator (Regulator) is requesting information from interested parties to provide support and guidance on building the Regulator’s capability and process for developing effective data narratives for communicating to the public.

Questions and Answers

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The main focus of this is to build up our staff to be able to build effective data narratives. That said, it may be a consideration to get support with the development of content and copywriting for the website (you are correct, more than just a dashboard)

We are anticipating that Power BI (along with ArcGIS integration potentially) should be able to meet any data visualization needs to support the creation of data narratives. That said, we would consider recommendations if there is functionality that cannot be achieved in our toolset.

We are expecting that data is accessible that will be required for any candidate data narratives. However, as we have not decided on candidate narratives, it is possible that some work may be required to access some data.

As referenced above, the main focus for this effort is to help build up our team with process and knowledge to build effective data narratives. Our team has the goal of delivering 1-3 data narratives in the near term, but we have need to continue building effective data narratives to educate the public on our work over the next few years. With this in mind, I think an effort based estimate with hourly rates identified would be most useful.

There are no specific budgetary considerations at this time, save that we are only able to commit to work that can be done this fiscal (prior to end of March 2023)

We are only in the initial phases of generating ideas of possible data narratives. It is possible that narratives could involve webmaps or could involve large or complex data sets.

We are not currently aware of requirements for advanced statistical analysis.

We are planning to build effective data narratives to communicate information on BC energy resources and how they are regulated in a way that is easy to understand by the public and external stakeholders.

I think that we are currently assuming that this information will be shared in some mixed media include some data visualization (which may or may not be interactive) along with copy to describe the key things that the data is showing.

We have not yet decided that this will or won't be a part of the existing data and reports sections of our website or if we will create other areas on our website for this.

We are mostly expecting that these data narratives will be leveraging data sourced from our operational Oracle databases though it is possible that some data may be identified from alternate sources or sources that are external to the Regulator. We are expecting to leverage our data virtualization platform (Tibco) to make data available for consumption.

We hoping to partner with a vendor that can help us to build our capacity for developing effective data narratives. The focus of this is not on the specific delivery of the narratives but on helping our team to understand and build a process to build these effectively going forward. To that end, we would like to have an understanding of a vendor's expertise and experience with developing effective data narratives (some examples would help) and to know a vendor's ability to work with us on this prior to March 2023 which is our cut-off for this engagement.


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