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This bid has been awarded to the following companies:
  • ClearStream Energy Services LP
  • Aski Reclamation LP
  • Matrix Solutions Inc.
  • Melbern Vegetation Ltd.
  • Roy Northern Environmental Ltd.
  • SNC-Lavalin Inc.
  • Sterling Operations Ltd
  • SynergyAspen
  • Tree Time Services Inc
  • West Moberly DWB Limited Partnership
  • Oakridge

The Regulator seeks to establish Standing Offers with successful contractors to provide Orphan Site Management Restoration services.

Download Orphan Site Management Restoration Services Description


The objective of this Request for Standing Offer is to establish a Standing Offer agreement with the successful contractor(s) to provide services as needed in support of orphan site restoration. Proponents must submit specifically for each service that they are providing a submission.

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about this posting, please email

It is expected that the successful proponents would have the capacity to provide both the supervision and execution.

Standing offers will be created under both workstreams that will encompass all or part of the services offered based upon resources (qualifications) and availability.

The Contractor would be responsible for all materials.

Operations would have to be BC certified.

All submissions will receive full consideration once mandatory criteria is confirmed.

Then, based upon the piece that is being bid upon, each submission is scored individually using the table as a guide. Theirs is no set answer, only a desire by the Regulator to fairly evaluate proponents to ensure best value for the money that is spent.

Once individual scores are generated, the group will come together and agree upon a consensus score for all components except the pricing which is analyzed independently by our finance team.

Once this entire process is complete, a cut-off point is decided that allows us to on-board as many contractors as needed to cover the work plan for the upcoming budget cycles.

Each scope will be evaluated independently based on specific criteria.

Most consulting firms will have better rates than the OGC.

Daily updates for field during active projects and weekly for costs.

There is no set page limit, but files will need to be sized to ensure submission through the procurement portal.

Sometimes yes and sometimes we will work following the abandonment and decommissioning of sites. It will be site and scope specific.


Include all assumptions (including well depth) to provide indication of scope of work and cost development.

It is up to the proponent to document certain assumptions to provide indication of scope of work and cost development.

In situ.



There are no Amendments at this time.

Competition ID: RFSO70022001