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Download Investigations and Enforcement Tabular Model Description

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The BC Energy Regulator is inviting vendors with standing offers under RFSO 21021001 to design and develop an ETL process and a tabular model within the Regulator’s data warehouse.

Questions and Answers

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We have a test BI environment, where we are hoping to use for development and testing. Usually we load the model in Power BI Desktop to analyze the model.

Initial UAT will be performed by the BI team (most likely Jason and me). Once we think the model is working as expected, we will bring in functional users to confirm the data, measures, etc.

We also have some existing reporting that will be used as a comparison.

The spreadsheet is the legacy “database” that have some ongoing investigations. Over time as these “ongoing” investigations are resolved (some can take years), the spreadsheet will be deprecated. However, for reporting, we would still need access to data from the spreadsheet for at least a decade.

  • The Regulator generally uses Oracle data modeller for operational system work (our primary operational database in Oracle)
  • Our previous contractor, used SQL Server Management Studio to model data for the data warehouse (and should be available on our BI developer workstations)
  • The BI team uses Power BI to mock up quick data models for ad-hoc reporting purposes


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Competition ID: RFQ21421010