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This bid has been awarded to Jigsaw Design.

The Regulator is reaching out to qualified vendors to engage in a graphic design services contract and assist with template design.

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The Regulator is seeking graphic design services for the creation of new, consistently styled, contemporary templates (for internal use and
external publications) based on its website and Guide. The provider must have experience in the field of graphic design with proven expertise in
designing print and web content for communications products and corporate publications. It is expected the provider is aware of industry trends
and able to provide creative and innovative designs and solutions.

Quotes may be emailed to prior to May 3, 2021 and it is expected that the selected vendor would begin work shortly thereafter. Quotes can also be submitted on our portal below at

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about this posting, please email

Yes, we generally work in Word throughout the drafting progress for ease of editing by multiple staff. Once a Word draft is finalized, the Comms team manually pastes the text into the INDD template.

While we understand there may be a way to link Adobe and Word so edits done in Word can automatically flow and update into INDD, we are not expecting that capability to be baked into these templates. Since only one staff member generally does the finishing touches on each Adobe document, and since the documents generally are not too long or cumbersome, we prefer a more manual approach where we have more freedom to insert, move, and delete elements (such as text boxes).

One template for each type of document with some levity for variation would be sufficient.

It’s just to set up the an overall template for now.

This answer is regarding the Technical Report portion of the question.

We are seeking a single InDesign (INDD) repository of template pages, not two or three standalone, structured report layouts. We would use the single, INDD ‘master repository’ each time we desktop a report –utilizing the pages we need, while eliminating the ones we do not.

The single ‘repository’ template would contain the following:

  • A cover page (room for an editable title and space to swap a photo or graphic out).
  • An ‘About Us’ page.
  • A Vision, Mission and Values statement page.
  • An Overview page - allowing for a paragraph or two summarizing what the reader can expect from the report.
  • A Table of Contents.
  • A glossary layout.
  • Master header and footer pages that could be applied at our discretion.
  • Six stylized pages – to house the ‘bulk’ of the body of the report. Having a selection would allow us the flexibility to choose which option best suits the content we’re putting in. We could provide screenshots of six ‘typical’ pages from existing reports…in order that the contractor could design a new version of each page with real content at hand. See also the sample ‘Technical Reports’ link provided previously in the Scope of Work.

Reminder: ‘Technical Reports’ are to be in Adobe INDD, in an 8.5 x 11 landscape orientation.

This answer is regarding the Newsletter portion of the question.

We are seeking two INDD templates – not unlike the single template described above (a repository from which we can pull the pages we require).

The Newsletter ‘repository’ template/s would house:

  • A cover page (room for an editable title and space to swap a photo out).
  • An ‘About Us’ page.
  • A page for a ‘Message from the CEO’
  • A Table of Contents.
  • 3 or 4 stylized pages – for the actual body of the Newsletter…. allowing us to choose which option best suits the contents we are putting in.
  • A stylized ‘breakout box’ for highlights (something that could house a few paragraphs).
  • A ‘contact us’ (closing) page.
  • Master header and footer pages that could be applied at our discretion.

We are seeking two distinct styles of template for our Newsletters as there are differing audiences/topics:

  1. Template 1: For the public/community – chatty, picture heavy, magazine readability, regular updates (would include, for example: ‘what’s new’, community event highlights), and a sidebar re how to find us on social media. This Newsletter is typically 10 pages long with each page split into two or three individual topics (refer to the Scope of Work for a link to the ‘Community Connector’ - for insight into its content).
  2. Template 2: Regulatory updates/legalese style content – more room for text, the ability to add one to two photos, room for a few icons. This type of document is typically five pages long, with text content generally running from one page onto the next (a sample of an existing document of this nature can be provided - for insight into typical content).

Reminder: Both Newsletter templates should be created in Adobe INDD (8.5 x 11 landscape orientation).

This answer is regarding the Industry Manual portion of the question.

The team responsible for maintaining these Industry Manuals works solely in Word, and it is unlikely they will use INDD in the near future, therefore we require an 8.5 x 11 portrait orientation template in MICROSOFT WORD.

These are the longest documents in this scope of work - yet require the least amount of design. If you refer to the existing Industry Manuals, you will see the majority of room on each page should be reserved for text, with the freedom to edit as necessary. Therefore, the design for this template should focus more on the ‘dressings’:

  • A Cover page.
  • An ‘About the Regulator’ page with room for the Mission, Vision, Values.
  • A Table of Contents.
  • A distinct page for each new chapter – with a chapter header that can appear throughout that specific chapter.
  • Footer – a generic one that runs throughout the entire document, with room to house the document title, version and publish date, and room for links (see existing manuals for sample).
  • One stylized table that can be used as necessary. Refer to page 34 of the Oil and Gas Operations Manual to see a sample table.

There is no need for stylized pages to make up the body of this template; most pages are identical and are typically 90 per cent text. The manuals are printed regularly, so less white space is important (the less pages to print the better). While contemporary styling is appealing, they are not intended as splashy magazine layouts.

We are simplifying this portion of the scope of work. Instead of seeking stylized pages for specific themes or topics, we would prefer three generic page layouts:

  • A full page with half the space dedicated to text, and the other half free for us to add our own themed icons/graphics (not required under this contract).
  • A full page designed in such a way that it is obviously a breakout or ‘highlight’ page. We would like room for text as well as small icons (that we would insert and move around) but leave it to the designer to create the ‘backdrop’ or stylings.
  • Free reign to the designer. A third page with generic icons, text boxes, other widgets, areas for quotes, etc. Open to ideas.

We are seeking another single, ‘master repository’ type template for our Fact Sheets. It would ideally house some free standing/moveable design elements (listed below) that we could use like building blocks – moving them from page to page based on the content type we are inserting. If you refer to the Fact Sheet samples, you can see each page is generally split into two or three topics with their own section title. These are some of the elements we are seeking for the Fact Sheet template:

  • Stylized section titles.
  • Stylized timeline/milestones (with room for markers/text)
  • Selection of two or three stylized bullets (for lists).
  • ‘Did you know?’ style box – for highlighted info.
  • ‘Contact Us’ icons.
  • Horizontal ‘breakout bar’ with room to highlight text.
  • Vertical ‘breakout bar’ with room to highlight text.
  • A master header/footer that can be applied, as necessary.

While our current Fact Sheet templates are generally two pages long, we expect the new template may have more pages, based on the requested list of items. As with the previously mentioned templates, we would simply pick the elements we need to build a two page document.

We do not need the templates to highlight whether they are annual or bi-annual. Please refer to the description of Newsletters (above) for more

We only require one.

Ideally, we’d like to limit the round of revisions to one; however, we are available to answer any questions that may arise, and expect a second round could be scheduled to ensure any requests for revisions have been captured appropriately.


There are no Amendments at this time.

Competition ID: RFQ18522001