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This bid has been awarded to ESW I.T. Business Advisors.

The Regulator seeks to purchase a digital scanner with demonstrated high reliability and low maintenance requirements.

Download Fujitsu Digital Scanners Description

Additional Files


The quotation will be reviewed to determine whether the mandatory technical requirements as noted in the specifications sheet have been met. The evaluation of price will be undertaken after the evaluation of mandatory technical requirements and has been completed. Based on results, a top-ranked Respondent will be identified and notified in writing.

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about this posting, please email



Variable - please demonstrate you can meet similar specifications as the the fi-6800's.

No – quantity still TBD based on cost – probably 2 locations ( Victoria and Fort St. John)

Local Storage

Not for this.

We have a general records policy and are moving towards MSFT E5 Records Management.


There are no Amendments at this time.

Competition ID: ITQ21122004