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This bid has been awarded to File IT Solutions.

The Regulator is seeking a Records & Information Management (RIM) expert to manage electronic records on shared network drives.

Download Electronic File Structures (ARCS/ORCS) for Shared Network Folders Description


The BC Energy Regulator (Regulator) requires a Records & Information Management (RIM) expert to organize a high volume of electronic records on a shared network drive. This organization is to be completed by developing new folder structures that conform to the requirements of the Information Management Act (IMA) through the implementation of the BC government’s Administrative Records Classification Schedule (ARCS) framework and Regulator’s Operational Records Classification System (ORCS). The objective is to attain a state of Electronic Document & Records Management System (EDRMS) readiness, where the Regulator’s electronic records are appropriately classified in accordance with ARCS/ORCS and identified by standardized naming conventions at the folder level in preparation for future migration. The work is to be performed across the Regulator on a branch by branch (business unit) basis, although simultaneous management of two or more projects may be required to maximize time and productivity. Oversight and direction will be provided by the Regulator’s internal Records & Information Services Branch, including the order and prioritization of projects for completion.

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Competition ID: RFP25123001