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This bid has been awarded to Sierra Systems Group Inc..

The objective of this RFP is to secure services to complete a needs assessment of the Regulator’s financial system and processes.

Download Defining System Requirements for Financial Management Software Description


The Regulator is seeking interested parties to undertake a detailed assessment of business needs to guide the implementation of new accounts payable automation, management reporting, and ERP software. The closing date has been amended to August 6, 2021.

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions about this posting, please email

The successful proponent will conduct an assessment for all three systems (a cloud based ERP system is in-scope).

(accounting, procurement and supply chain etc.)

The Regulator is interested in reporting solutions that integrate with the ERP to update forecast scenarios with the flexibility to change cost drivers on the fly etc.

While the assessment is intended to identify what functionality the business process requires, all of the above items are improvements that would be desirable in a final solution.

Yes, we would want these functionalities in scope.

Approximately 40 budget holders are included in the process and delegated budget authority.

The summary should include dates of the relevant project and summary of the project scope/technical nature.

We are looking for examples of similar projects being successfully completed.

The assessment will involve the Regulator’s Finance and Information Systems branches. We anticipate approximately 6 stakeholders would be necessary to interview.

Corporate Properties would also be included with Asset Management.

No. The successful proponent will be required to deliver detailed business needs that will form a subsequent request for proposal. It is not anticipated that the successful proponent will be required to develop assessment criteria.

Vendor demonstrations will be considered in subsequent procurement processes. We are not looking for a product in this phase of the project.

The project timeline will be finalized with the successful proponent, however, preference will be provided to candidates that can complete the project promptly. A detailed Gantt chart or similar level of detail for schedule details is preferred.

No specific timeline is required, however a proposed timeline for completion of the needs analysis would be beneficial

Either hours per week or FT/PT details are acceptable.

% allocation to the project and hours per week for the duration of the project.

Existing system details will be provided to the successful proponent.

This information would be provided as part of the needs assessment.

Preference will be awarded to proponents available to commence work

Appendices may be included but will count against the stated maximum page length.

The Regulator has one dedicated full-time accounts payable staff responsible for the below processes.