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This bid has been awarded to Tropospheric Measurement Systems Inc.

The Regulator seeks a technical expert that can provide operations and maintenance services for ambient air monitoring equipment.

Download Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems Service and Operation Description


In British Columbia, ambient air quality monitoring is conducted by the province (and in the Lower Mainland by Metro Vancouver), select industrial sources permitted under the Environmental Management Act and the BC Energy Regulator (the Regulator). Information on monitoring by the province and industrial sources can be accessed online at Oil and gas activities are predominant in the Northeast Air Zone. Information on current readings and available data is available at

The Regulator monitors ambient air quality from oil and gas activities to protect public safety and conserve the environment. The trailerable CAMEL (Regulator Air Monitoring Environmental Laboratory) and fully mobile van known as RAM (Roaming Air Monitor) units are used for this purpose.

The Regulator requires a technical expert to service CAMEL and RAM, ensure both units are fully operational at all times, move CAMEL between locations, and validate all recorded data prior to public release. Oversight and direction will be provided by Regulator Air Emissions Scientist and Environmental Response Specialist as appropriate. The Regulator also operates the permanent FARMINGTON Air Monitoring Station. Funding sources are determined on a year-to-year basis and may be added to this contract if required at the agreed upon rate schedule.

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